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1. P53 Regulates the expression of tumor suppressor gene maspin.
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2. Inflammatory Infiltrate (Prostatitis) in Whole Mounted Radical Prostatectomy Specimens from Black and White Patients is not an Etiology for Racial Difference in Prostate Specific Antigen.
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3. PSGR, a novel prostate specific gene with homology to a G-protein coupled receptor is overexpressed in prostate cancer.
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4. Expression Profile of an Androgen Regulated prostate specific homeobox gene NKX3.1 in primary prostate cancer.
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5. Comparative Study of the Clinical Efficacy of Two Dosing Regimens of Flutamide.
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6. The Impact of Socioeconomic Status on Clinical Parameters of Radical Prostatectomy Patients in an equal access health care system.
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7. PCGEMI, A novel prostate specific gene is overexpressed in prostate cancer.
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