How Can You Support CPDR?

Historically, the Center has received the majority of its funding from government sources; however, CPDR relies on generous private donations to supplement its many programs and initiatives. Continued support will enable CPDR to augment its efforts to identify preventive measures and treatments for prostate cancer and other prostate diseases, and to raise awareness about the dangers of prostate cancer among the general public.

With continuing support, the Center for Prostate Disease Research is becoming one of the top prostate disease research centers in the world. More importantly, it may help prevent and treat this deadly disease that strikes frequently.

The Center of research and education efforts help military beneficiaries and strive to improve the quality of life and health of all men.

If you would like to support the Center for Prostate Disease Research, please contact The Henry M. Jackson Foundation. Friends of the Center will receive annual updates on the Center's research progress, along with regular email issues of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center's US-TOO newsletter. Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Please Send Donations To:
Center for Prostate Disease Research
c/o The Henry M. Jackson Foundation
6720A Rockledge Drive, Suite 100
Bethesda, Maryland 20817
Phone: (240) 694-2000


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