"The Center for Prostate Disease Research (CPDR) will conduct basic science and clinical research programs that strive to combat diseases of the prostate. It will integrate basic and clinical science studies to improve early detection and prognostic factors and develop potential treatments for prostate disease. The CPDR will focus on the natural history of prostate disease, outcomes research, as well as behavioral, psychosocial and quality-of-life issues as they relate to prostate disease. It will also provide for training in molecular biology and clinical research for physicians, scientists, and medical and graduate students. The Center will support other collaborative research efforts related to prostate disease within DoD."

The CPDR mission is fulfilled primarily through its three core programs - the Clinical Research Program, the Basic Science Research Program and the Multicenter National Database Program - and through a robust Biospecimen Banking Program, Government and Non-Government Collaborative Programs, and Education and Training Programs. The latter three programs are integrated into the core programs.

Since its inception, CPDR has been strongly committed to patient and family education. A fulltime nurse educator directs the Patient Education Program which includes providing guidance, education and counseling services to patients and their families throughout the continuum of prostate cancer treatment. CPDR supports an "Us TOO" monthly prostate cancer support group, quarterly guest speaker program, and quarterly newsletter (with a readership of 2200 men). The Peer Support Counselor Program and "surgery battle buddy" program remain integral parts of the Patient Education Program.