Taduru Sreenath, Ph.D.

Assistant Director, CPDR Basic Science Research Program
Research Assistant Professor of Surgery, USUHS

Dr. Taduru Sreenath joined the Center for Prostate Disease Research (CPDR) in January 2006. As chief of Gene Functions and Molecular Mechanisms section, Dr. Sreenath leads a team of CPDR researchers using in vivo and ex vivo approaches to identify biological functions of genes relevant to the development of normal prostate and prostate cancer (CaP). Dr. Sreenath's scientific interests focus on understanding molecular mechanisms underlying cancer initiation and development using mouse models.

Dr. Sreenath received his Ph.D. in Microbiology from the Osmania University, Hyderabad, India (1985) and pursued post-doctoral training in the department of Biochemistry at Indian Institure of Science, Bangalore (1985-87), Molecular Virology Branch at NCI, NIH(1987-88), Department of Virology at Jerome H. Holland Laboratory, American Red Cross (1988-97). Later he joined Functional Genomics Section at NIDCR, NIH to develop a research program on craniofacial and dental development and to establish transgenic animal core facility to serve all the investigators at NIDCR (1997-2006). He received NIDCR Director's Awards for Scientific excellence (2001), Excellence in Transgenic services (2002), Scientific Excellence (2003) and EEO Diversity Special Achievement Award (2004).

Dr. Sreenath, through his work established and recognized as an expertise in the field of developmental biology. He generated and characterized several transgenic mouse models such as Hoxa-4 , Hoxc-8, MMP-2, Dspp, Dspp-LacZ, Dspp-Tgf-ß1, Dspp-Cre, Amg-Cre, Coll-Amg, NF-H-Cre etc., and knockout mouse models to understand the functions of DSPP, Amelogenin etc.,. Dr. Sreenath has made an impact on science through his mentorship and guidance of students, postdoctoral scientists.

He has an impressive and consistent publication record in quality scientific journals, NIH patents and invention reports on several knockout and transgenic mice. He was invited speaker in several national and international conferences and served as reviewer for many of the peer-reviewed journals.